Tire Carrier Hinge Kit - Standard Duty - 1-1/4" Spindle Shaft

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If you want to build your own tire carrier then this hinge kit is a must! There are many options out there, but none compare to this. This is the most well though out and developed hinge system on the market. We have made multiple revisions of this product over the years to off the most complete and high quality tire carrier hinge at an affordable price point. It is CNC machined in our shop from heavy wall DOM tubing made in the U.S.

Standard Features include a 1-1/4" diameter shaft, dual-tapered-roller bearings , grease seal, dust cap, castle nut and cotter pin. Also included are two zerk fittings for grease to ensure a long trouble free life. The zerk fittings are strategically placed so that grease is applied directly to the bearings. This will make your job much easier and first rate quality. Once installed, your hinge system is fully sealed and impervious to the elements.

This is our standard duty single shear hinge kit. This is a very strong unit, however, it you plan on running large tires or adding accessories to your swing away tire carrier system we recommend checking out our other tire carrier hinges. We also offer this size in a dual shear design as well as other heavy duty hinges for the ultimate in strength.


Shaft / Spindle: 1-1/4" Diameter at base x 1" Upper. 8-3/4" Overall Length.

Bearing Housing: 2-1/4" outside diameter. 4.500" long.

Sleeve: 1-1/2" outside diameter. 4.200" standard length.

This tire carrier hinge kit comes fully assembled with races installed (pressed in).



  • 1 Shaft / Spindle
  • 1 Bearing Housing
  • 2 Races - Installed
  • 2 Roller Bearings
  • 1 Flat Washer
  • 1 Castle Nut
  • 1 Cotter Pin
  • 1 Dust Cap or Optional Aluminum Cap with O-Ring
  • 1 Sleeve (Standard 4.200" length included unless another option is selected)

This is one of the most common overall designs on the market today, however, our kits are far and away more complete and designed to be the best hinge you can find. Below are just a couple of the big reasons why.

  • Superior Shaft Material

Our shaft is machined in house out of high quality 1144 Stress-proof cold finish steel. Our shafts are superior to other kits that use trailer spindles or a standard steel material. We do not use trailer spindles, however, our design utilizes very popular internal components. (Races, Bearings, Seals, etc) This means sourcing replacement parts in your area is super easy.

  • Weld In Sleeve

We are STILL the only company in the industry that uses a sleeve and understands the importance of it in reducing spindle fatigue and ultimate failure. The sleeve we provide with this kit gets welded into your bumper first. The inner diameter of this sleeve is slightly larger than the main shaft so that the shaft can easily be installed in the bumper with the correct height setting. Other suppliers expect you to weld a spindle directly into the bumper. Doing it this way makes it easier to misalign your carrier, and once it is welded, your stuck! Welding on a spindle installed in your bumper also weakens the spindle right at the point where the most force is exerted. This can cause premature failure, and remember, it's welded into the bumper which makes repair or removal a real PITA. Add a good sized tire and and a little rattle and you're asking for failure. With ALL of our tire carrier hinge kits, the sleeve is welded into the bumper and the shaft (spindle) is installed in the sleeve. Doing it this way provides you with the strongest setup possible for the given shaft diameter. Don't compromise strength by welding on the pivot point where all the force is exerted! Even if you don't buy from us, you should consider fabricating your tire carrier system with this in mind.

We fully stand behind the workmanship of every product we manufacture including this tire carrier hinge. Because we have no control over how this hinge is installed or used, there is no warranty or liability on this item after it has been installed. This item is intended for off-road use. Please see our videos and make sure your swing out system is supported when closed and uses a latch and a design that eliminates rattles. Movement within the tire carrier system is the second most common cause of system failure behind not usinge a sleeve and welding directly on the spindle.

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