Spare Tire Mounting Kit

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 Telescopic Spare Tire Mounting Kit

 Constructed from 1/4" thick heavy duty receiver material. The outer sleeve is slotted to allow approximately 5 inches of additional movement for larger tires or additional gear. 

UNIVERSAL MOUNTING PLATE -- Our mounting plates are laser cut from clean 1/4" steel. This provides a superior fit / finish as opposed to plasma cutting which results in beveled holes. Our wheel studs will press in nicely. This mounting plate is big, strong and built to carry small to giant wheel / tire combos. -- (9.5" x 8" approximate plate size) (17/32" holes for 1/2" wheel studs to be pressed in) 

For use with the following popular bolt patterns:

5 on 5" (JK Jeep Wrangler)
5 on 4.5" (YJ, TJ, and LJ Jeep Wrangler)
5 on 5.5" (CJ Jeep, Suzuki)
6 on 5.5" (Toyota)
8 on 6.5" Large 8 Lug (3/4 and 1 ton axles) (5 wheel stud locations for this pattern)


TELESCOPIC TIRE MOUNT -- This design is optimal for those continually building and modifying a vehicle. The telescopic action allows for perfect fitment of tires of different width. It also allows for the addition of Gas/Water containers, Hi-Lift Jacks, or other gear. To use this option, simply loosen the bolt on the top side and slide out to desired position. Re-tighten the bolt to lock into place.The tire mounting plate described above is designed to be welded to the 2" x 2" inner tube.

NO RATTLE SLIDE STOP -  Simply use the included 1/2" x 13 bolt to thread against the inside tubing to eliminate any side to side movement.

Options: Tire Carrier Mounting Plate option adds (1) mounting plate, (3) wheel studs, and (3) lugnuts. Mounting Plate information and specs can be found HERE.

We also offer a complete Spare Tire Mounting Kit HERE.

Telescopic Mounting Tubes Specs --

  • 7-3/4" total length
  • 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" square receiver tubing (seamless) with a 1/4" wall thickness (fits 2" x 2" hitch tubing)
  • 1/2" drilled and tapped hole on side (1/2" x 13) to secure inner tubing in place
  • 1/2" mill slot on top for telescoping. 5" total slot length
  • All milling, drilling, and tapping is precision machined in house on one of our CNC Mills.

This spare tire mounting kit contains all the components needed to create a telescoping tire carrier mount.