Tire Carrier Hinge Kit - with DUAL SHEAR Bracket - HEAVY DUTY

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This kit includes most of the features of our heavy duty tire carrier hinge kit except the following:


Dual shear bracket that ties in the top of the spindle to the bumper. This isolates movement and flex within the spindle allowing it to handle much more stress and weight. The bracket is a bolt-on application (or you can weld it if you like). Can be installed with additional mounting plate that mounts on the inside of the bumper under the bracket. Bracket measures 2-1/2" wide, 1/4" thick, and 4-1/2" tall.
Fully sealed bearing housing with dual grease seals and spacer. Measures 2-3/4" diameter and 3.575" long.
  • Sleeve: The sleeves come in a variety of lengths to fit the height of the bumper you are using. Our standard length is 4.2" for a 4" tall bumper. We have sleeves for up to 10" tall bumpers.
  • Cap - You can choose to use the standard exposed castle nut, a custom cnc machined cap/nut with comp4x4.com logo engraved, or the same machined cap/nut anodized black with a laser engraved comp4x4.com logo.
  • Backing Plate - The backing plate is comprised of a 1/4" plate with (3) threaded 7/16 -18 holes matching the pattern of the dual shear bracket base. This plate is designed to be welded underneath or inside the bumper and line up with the holes in the bracket. Also included with this option are (3) 7/16 -18 bolts and lock washers for securing the hinge assembly to the bumper. Many people weld this bracket to the top of the bumper which is fine. The backing plate option give you the freedom to completely remove the bracket from the bumper if needed.
  • Pop-Pin Plate - The pop pin plate is designed to be welded to the top of the bumper. The plate fits perfectly around the sleeve and can be rotated prior to welding allowing the desired "locked open" position to be established. When the carrier is in the closed position the pop pin is locked and loaded with the spring inside being depressed. Once the carrier is opened to predetermined degree, the pop pin shaft automatically locks into position in the small hole of the plate. This can be very helpful in windy conditions or when parked on an angle.


  • (1) 1-3/4" Base diameter spindle
  • (1) DOM tubing bearing housing
  • (2) Races (installed)
  • (2) Bearings
  • (1) Spacer seal
  • (1) Lower double lip grease seal
  • (1) Upper double lip grease seal
  • (1) Double shear bracket
  • (1) Zerk fitting (installed)
  • (1) Cap/nut option
  • (1) Sleeve - optional with varying lengths

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